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About Burning Smile

Becoming an unfamiliar thing and escaping joyfully into the unfamiliar night. Roaming the narrow, leaf-littered roads of the old neighborhood by the pond. Braving shadowy doorways guarded by glowing jack o’lanterns, their burning smiles part invitation and part warning. Claiming the night’s reward.

These are my earliest memories of Halloween. Ever since those days I have been drawn to anything evoking that distinctive sense of mystery, wonder, liberation and, yes, fear that I have come to associate with that one great night each October. A love of Horror of all kinds, a fascination with dark things, a curiosity about the nature and limitations of my own courage, and even a certain kinship with monsters–all of this has grown from those early days of putting on a mask and disappearing into the Autumn night.

Burning Smile is an appreciation of these things.