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Do You Believe In Witches?

I wanted to share a piece of music of mine. This is the second year that I’ve been given the honor of creating some music for my friend Pumpkinrot’s Halloween video. He pieced together some footage of his 2009 display, a really stunning work that crosses over the line from home haunt well into art installation. The display is titled “The Year of the Corn Witch” and the music is my best effort to capture what I feel is the very dark, desolate, sad and disturbing nature of the scene.

The piece is called “Do You Believe In Witches?” for reasons that will become obvious when you hear it.

The highest resolution video (which includes the best audio quality) can be viewed here:

Pumpkinrot: What’s Brewing (blog)

The YouTube version can be viewed here:


I hope you enjoy it.

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