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Dark Candles

I first learned of Dark Candles about two years ago when reading about them on Pumpkinrot’s blog. Knowing that ‘Rot and I share similar tastes, I took a chance and placed an order. It proved a very worthwhile risk.

These are some of the greatest smelling candles I’ve ever burned. The scents are complex, balanced and powerful. The candles themselves (especially the pillars) are long-lasting and come in a wide array of beautiful colors.

Customer service is exceptional. Dark Candles puts as much effort into the customer experience as they do the products themselves. When ordering, I like to make it a point to include a note in the comment box. Each time I do, owner Helena Jones replies personally thanking me for both the comment and the patronage. When I had difficulties ordering I was contacted promptly by Helena and my situation was resolved in minutes (it turned out to be a browser issue–entirely on my end).

Shipment is fast and the packaging often includes free samples and other goodies to make the experience more special. The presentation of the candles is very nicely done with custom graphics and other small, thoughtful details. You wouldn’t think that candles would be something to get all that excited about, but opening this package was like opening a gift from a friend. If only all business could be done like this.

If you’re thinking of taking a chance yourself, I can offer some recommendations. Clove is far and away my favorite–authentic and potent. Other great choices include Pumpkin & Spice, Autumn Harvest, Nosferatu, Bonfire and Haunted House. For a great sampling of Dark Candles’  Autumn & Halloween-themed scents, I recommend trying the various Collection Packs. These are packs of four votive candles each, grouped and packaged by theme.

Dark Candles.

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