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Do You Believe In Witches?

I wanted to share a piece of music of mine. This is the second year that I’ve been given the honor of creating some music for my friend Pumpkinrot’s Halloween video. He pieced together some footage of his 2009 display, a really stunning work that crosses over the line from home haunt well into art […]

Dark Candles

I first learned of Dark Candles about two years ago when reading about them on Pumpkinrot’s blog. Knowing that ‘Rot and I share similar tastes, I took a chance and placed an order. It proved a very worthwhile risk. These are some of the greatest smelling candles I’ve ever burned. The scents are complex, balanced […]


[vimeo 6261443]

Halloween Theremin Video Contest

Musical instrument makers Moog invited theremin enthusiasts to create Halloween-themed videos featuring the instrument. There are some great ones up there, including this one: [youtube=] You can find more here.

green light

Haunted Overload-9, originally uploaded by Burning Smile. A photo from the 2009 Haunted Overload display in Lee, NH. See the Flickr badge in the sidebar for more photos.

shadow of the bat

shadow of the bat, originally uploaded by Burning Smile. I was lucky enough to notice this one night after returning from work. I hastily grabbed my camera and took a few shots before the sun moved. Moments like that are why life is worth living.

Plague Mask

plague doctor mask, originally uploaded by j_naturalia_2. The most amazing plague mask ever. A common belief at the time was that the plague was spread by birds. There may have been a belief that by dressing in a bird-like mask, the wearer could draw the plague away from the patient and onto the garment the […]